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ООО ПКФ «Промтехно» является дилерами таких заводов изготовителей как, ОАО «Завод им. Гаджиева», ЗАО «Дан», ООО «Волжский Электроконтакт», ООО ПП «Армслайдинг», ООО ПФ «ЧЕЛНИНСКИЙ АРМАТУРНЫЙ ЗАВОД», ОАО «Казанский арматурно-фланцевый завод», ГУП Учреждения УЭ-148/2 УИН Минюста России по Республике Татария, ОАО «Минский подшипниковый завод», ООО «Торговый дом ЕПК» и другими заводами изготовителями, что подтверждено информацией размещенной на данном сайте. На протяжении многих лет наше предприятие специализируется на комплексных поставках подшипников качения запорной арматуры и оборудования, предприятиям Урала и Сибири входящих в состав ООО «УГМК Холдинг», ЗАО «Торговый Дом Березниковского механического завода», Филиал ООО «ИНКОТЭМ» «ИНКОТЭМ-Урал» (Рефтинская ГРЭС), Филиал ОАО «ТГК-9», ОАО «Огенупоры».

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Уважаемые господа!

ООО ПКФ «Промтехно» является дилерами таких заводов изготовителей как, ОАО «Завод им. Гаджиева», ЗАО «Дан», ООО «Волжский Электроконтакт», ООО ПП «Армслайдинг», ООО ПФ «ЧЕЛНИНСКИЙ АРМАТУРНЫЙ ЗАВОД», ОАО «Казанский арматурно-фланцевый завод», ГУП Учреждения УЭ-148/2 УИН Минюста России по Республике Татария, ОАО «Минский подшипниковый завод», ООО «Торговый дом ЕПК» и другими заводами изготовителями, что подтверждено информацией размещенной на данном сайте. На протяжении многих лет наше предприятие специализируется на комплексных поставках подшипников качения запорной арматуры и оборудования, предприятиям Урала и Сибири входящих в состав ООО «УГМК Холдинг», ЗАО «Торговый Дом Березниковского механического завода», Филиал ООО «ИНКОТЭМ» «ИНКОТЭМ-Урал» (Рефтинская ГРЭС), Филиал ОАО «ТГК-9», ОАО «Огенупоры».

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“I’m just going to reflect on the season with all the boys and see what happens.”

One of the biggest questions coming out of Super Bowl 52 was what the Patriots were thinking by not playing Malcolm Butler. He did play, but it was just one special teams snap. This was a player who started all year long and suddenly on the biggest stage, he was a spectator.

Bill Belichick defended his decision after the game, but that didn’t stop people from talking about it. One of the more interesting names was Brandon Browner, a former Pro Bowl cornerback and two-time Super Bowl champ, one of which was as a member of the Patriots.

In another post, Browner posted in a caption, “A locker room was divided pre game, most yds ever given in up in a SB game, and your best defender over the past 3 seasons. Doesn’t get a snap. You [sic] where hurt/burnt where he was needed tonight.”

Also, “Players play and Coaches are supposed to Coach, Bill was out coached for not letting his players play.”

Each teams is only allowed a certain amount of Padded practice all yr. I watched Malcolm carry his pads and helmet out to practice everyday. So days we didn’t have to wear pads, lil bruh had to, it was a extra practice after practice everyday. I know first hand what kind of work he put in. He made the team from a workout, he wasn’t a draft pick or free agent signed on draft day. He got it out the mud. He said YES sir, when he answered you. Which I wouldn’t unless I felt u respected me. #strictlybusiness ??

Gronk accentuated the second score with a funky dance move followed by his trademark spike that sent the ball flying skyward at U.S. Bank Stadium. This simple celebration — later mocked by Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett after he recovered a Tom Brady fumble — is also one of the NFL’s most distinctive because of how it reflects Gronk’s raw power.

It’s understandable that Gronkowski wasn’t ready to either make or announce a retirement decision in the aftermath of something as emotionally draining as playing in a Super Bowl, let alone losing one.

“I’m not ready for these type of questions right now,” Gronk said. “I’m going to sit down, reflect on the season, talk to my teammates. We fought all year long. All the receivers, running backs, linemen … We’ve been all working together.bills_034

To this moment, it remains unfathomable, impossible to forget or ignore.

But first consider what a six-hour Super Bowl pregame show might appear as if the rotating network, in exchange for billions, didn’t feel compelled to kiss the NFL’s fanny, promote their own news and entertainment shows and stars, and hype a game that needed more hoo-hah like a club sandwich needs more lettuce.

Today’s Super Bowl marks another anniversary — the 29th — of the Bengals team that lost Super Bowl XXIII, 20-16, to the 49ers in January 1989. That game likely strikes those who remember it by what preceded it: A story of the most irreconcilably unrestrained individual madness in the championship game’s history.

Monday during Packers-Eagles, ESPN couldn’t say or note simply that the Packers have allowed a pile of points in their previous four games — 33, 31, 47, 42. Those points were, as TV-usual, all hung on the defense.

Thus, football things such as the Titans’ 12-yard touchdown drive after Green Bay fumbled, a Colts 99-yard kickoff return, then their 5-yard TD drive after an interception vs. the Packers were used as evidence of the Packers’ failing defense. Packers then won, 27-13.

Reader Keith Murray: “If Yoenis Cespedes turned doubles into singles in a contract year, what are the odds he’ll run to first now?” Actually, Cespedes now has a chance to hit a bouncer off the left-field wall, then be thrown out at first. Gary Cohen: “He’s got that troublesome quad.”

When the Knicks start firing up 3-pointers — 32 in their Saturday loss at Charlotte, another 32 in Wednesday’s two-point road win against 5-13 Minnesota; one-third of their field-goal attempts in both games — it brings back memories … of seventh-grade recess.

The Patriots will play the Dolphins on Sunday without their suspended star tight end Rob Gronkowski. What does it mean for the offenseBased on history, perhaps not much.

Sunday will mark the 26th game in which the Patriots have played without Gronkowski, who was hit with a one-game suspension for a violent late hit on Buffalo cornerback Tre’Davious White — and they’re 20-5 without him. They’re 9-0 without Gronk since the start of the 2016 season.

Mets’ 2018 ticket marketing campaign borrows from Ernie Banks, with Yoenis Cespedes shouting, “It’s a beautiful day, let’s play 36!”

Vaccaro, taken out of Texas as the first safety in the draft, at times has been a rare bright spot in a dismal Saints defense that has contributed to three straight 7-9 seasons. After posting a career-high 104 tackles in 2015, Vaccaro took a step back in 2016 and served a four-game PED suspension.

That trend continued with this year’s first hire, as the Jacksonville Jaguars promoted interim coach and former offensive assistant Doug Marrone.

With the Steelers, Patriots and Chiefs firmly entrenched atop their divisions, the only division race that looks remotely competitive right now is the AFC South, where both the Jaguars and Titans sit at 6-3. Now I’m not going to say Jacksonville will finish 12-4 and perhaps bump someone out of a playoff bye, but look at the Jags’ remaining schedule: at Browns, at Cardinals, Colts, Seahawks, Texans, at 49ers, at Titans. Take away Seattle and the New Year’s Eve finale at Tennessee, and that’s a ghastly assortment of middling-to-bad NFL teams.

Tesfatsion: I’m leaning toward Haason Reddick or Christian McCaffrey, but I’m not even sure if either player will be available with the 17th overall pick now. This is going to be a crazy first round. Everyone expects the Browns to pick Myles Garrett with the first overall pick, and they should. I have no clue on how the draft plays out from there, which should make things interesting throughout the night, and it makes it difficult to pick just one player. You almost have to pick at least three. What about you?

Jones: I like Reddick, but also like Reuben Foster, if he’s still there. It’s impossible to really know. Some projections have him going in the top 10, others have him lasting until the early 20s. I feel like the Redskins have to use this pick — and probably their first three picks — to get significantly better on defense.

Joseph spent this season as Gase’s defensive coordinator in Miami. The Dolphins ranked only 29th in the NFL in total defense. And Joseph’s defense did not fare particularly well in Sunday’s 30-12 defeat at Pittsburgh in the opening round of the AFC playoffs.

But Joseph’s reputation as a rising star in the coaching ranks went mostly unaffected. Broncos front office chief John Elway seemed to zero in on Joseph and Shanahan after also interviewing Kansas City’s special teams coordinator, Dave Toub. When Joseph did not leave for a planned interview with the Chargers, it was clear that Elway had settled on his man.

How about 17-1 Baylor, another one-loss team?

The committee told us how it viewed the Lady Bears, placing them at No. 9 overall. And Louisville has easily beaten both Notre Dame and Oregon.

While Louisville stayed put, some other teams suffered considerable setbacks since Thursday’s reveal. Tennessee and Rutgers each lost twice. The Lady Vols consequently fell from fifth overall to 11th. The Scarlet Knights are now No. 5 seed after being slotted at 15th overall by the committee. With three losses in its past four games, the magic of Rutgers’ nonconference season might be wearing off, and a big fall could be on the horizon with two games against Maryland and one each against Michigan and Ohio State still to come.

Quick. Name the starting quarterbacks in the first game of the weekend. (Answer: Connor Cook and Brock Osweiler.) The Raiders will be going with Cook after their season of destiny became a dumpster fire when MVP candidate Derek Carr broke his leg and backup Matt McGloin suffered a concussion. Over on the Texans’ side, Osweiler has failed to live up to the expectations of his gargantuan contract, but don’t read too much into his heated sideline exchange with Coach Bill O’Brien last week. O’Brien has been known to do that with quarterbacks.

The Texans have had a devastating injury of their own, losing J.J. Watt after three games. Still, they have the league’s best defense. That and playing in the less-than-competitive AFC South, where they edged the Tennessee Titans for the title, helped compensate for an offense that is ranked 29th. The Raiders may have a 12-4 record but are 3-2 in their last five games.

The Vikings don’t hold back in letting Keenum throw downfield, because the deep ball is an integral part of their offense. With a terrific, speedy wide receiver duo in Stefon Diggs and Adam Thielen, both of whom came up monumental against the Saints, the Vikings will take their shots against the Eagles’ cornerbacks, which are Philly’s weakness. Keenum will need to use his mobility to buy time against a good edge pass rush to make those plays.

For Foles, the key is protecting the ball and getting it out quickly. Even with what the Vikings have at linebacker, safety and corner, Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery and tight end Zach Ertz can be difference-makers with their size, hands and athleticism. Holding the ball too long against the Vikings’ unpredictable mix of pressure and coverage looks will spell doom for Foles.

C Kevin Love played only three minutes before leaving with an unspecified illness. …

This is the man two NFL franchises might want as their head coach in 2018. In Hue’s defense, I would lose my red challenge flag all the time. When it’s time to layer up in December, it’s a virtual needle-in-a-haystack scenario.

On balance, I come down as neutral on the idea of mascots. If the kiddies like it, no one wants crotchety, embittered ol’ sportswriter dad spitting hot takes from behind a MacBook. But I do tend to cringe when mascots actively insert themselves into the touchdown celebrations of the teams they represent. Football is hard work. The players lay it out there every Sunday, and when they score a touchdown, it’s both the payoff and a release. It’s safe to say the guy in the furry costume has not made the same sacrifices.

After the season, the NFL’s leadership will review the injury data and try to determine if there are any trends. Representatives of the league and the NFL Players Association meet each year at the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. The competition committee deliberates and proposes rule changes to the owners for consideration at the annual league meeting in March. Player safety is an annual focus of that process. Player safety is an annual focus of that process.

Cavaliers: With the Feb. 8 trade deadline approaching, there is growing speculation that Cleveland will make a deal — or two — to improve the league’s oldest roster. Lue doesn’t necessarily believe change is essential. “I like the group that we have,” he said. “We just haven’t been healthy the whole year. I’m just focused on coaching the guys that we have.”

A byproduct of the inept offense is Denver’s defense — which has dropped from No. 1 to No. 12 in one season per Football Outsiders — has to contend with opponents starting at their own 34-yard line, the best field position allowed this season. In 2016 opponents started at their own 29-yard line. The shift has spiked Denver’s points allowed per drive from 1.4 to 1.9 year over year.


The weakest perimeter partners here have been Rubio and Ingles.

The reported points produced are for the team as a whole, not just the ball handler, so it seems that both last season and this, the Jazz have been effective generating offense off the pick-and-roll (this has been a staple in Utah since the John Stockton and Karl Malone days). Both Gobert (last season) and Favors (this season) have proved effective as the big in these scenarios.

Thus, if the Jazz recognize this pattern and run more pick-and-play with Mitchell and Hood as the ball handlers and Ingles as the weakside shooter, it could lead to more effective usage of their bigs and perhaps more space for them to work.

Puddicombe has visited the Lakers’ film room on a game day, dimming the lights and conducting a 15-minute meditation session with the players attempting to fall into a state of relaxation in their plush chairs. The goal is for players to train their mental game by concentrating on eight areas — motivation, focus, training, competition, communication, analysis, recovery and rehabilitation — in an effort to get them in a state where they are relaxed but also an active state of readiness on game day.

When we focus on something too much, or overthink it, then we tend to create tension, both in our mind and in our game, Puddicombe said on Saturday. Nowhere is this more obvious than on the free-throw line. Meditation will unquestionably help players step out of that thinking pattern, and get more comfortable shooting from the line, but only if they practice it regularly and apply it in a game time environment.

Sunday was the end of a tough stretch of games for Tennessee, which went 1-3 against ranked teams Texas A&M, South Carolina, Notre Dame and Mississippi State. And the victory, against the Gamecocks, came with South Carolina senior star A’ja Wilson out. Two weeks ago, the Lady Vols were undefeated; now they’re 16-3 overall and 4-2 in a tough-as-nails SEC.

For the Tennessee freshmen, every game is a learning experience, and that was evident as they went against Mississippi State’s seniors. But even some of the Lady Vols’ more experienced players struggled, as senior Jaime Nared and junior Meme Jackson were a combined 4-of-24 from the field. Redshirt senior center Mercedes Russell was 7-of-9 from the field for 16 points, but as has been the case during these past four games, the Lady Vols had a difficult time getting her the ball as much as coach Holly Warlick wants.

Sunday’s game also was an indicator of the way the tide has turned in the league in recent years. Mississippi State was 0-36 against Tennessee until getting its first victory in the series in 2016. Now, the Bulldogs have beaten the Lady Vols in four of their past five meetings, including two years in a row here in Knoxville.

Takk McKinley sacked Jared Goff and danced like he was an actual falcon flapping his wings

Falcons pass rusher Takk McKinley did what he does best in the first quarter against the Rams and sacked Jared Goff.

Somebody yells out to Peters, “Let’s Go Marcus!” Peters then replies, “Shit, where we goingHome?”

Peters is always going to keep it real. After he got beat for two touchdowns against Washington, he was honest about his bad performance. But then when asked about a fumble he forced, he gave an all-time quote.

“That made my game from hella weak to weak, you feel me?” He added, “I’m not hella weak, I’m just weak this week. Next week I’ll get back on my shit though so yeah.”

Peters is fun, and it’s great we’re just at the beginning of his career.

It’s an alarming turn of events for a few reasons. The Seahawks have an injury or eight on defense. But here’s the main issue: A couple weeks ago my podcast co-host and bunraku omozukai (the book I’m reading with my 5-year-old includes a lot of material on Japanese puppetry) Andy Benoit wrote a piece highlighting the risk of inconsistency when your offense relies on Wilson’s improvisational, out-of-structure playmaking (yes, even when you bake that out-of-structure playmaking into your system, as teams like the Seahawks do).

He spent spring break of his senior year standing on the sideline at Tide practice, preparing himself for the fall. He uses his Sundays to watch film with coaches. Alabama staffers trade stories of walking into a dark Mal Moore Athletic Complex after hours to find one screen ablaze, Fitzpatrick pausing and rewinding.

“He’s the standard of the program,” says junior running back Damien Harris, a top NFL prospect who credits his success this year to his offseason of working out with Fitzpatrick. Teammates refer to Fitzpatrick as “Coach Saban’s son,” because he’s the only person whose performance reliably makes the famously stone-faced coach smile.

“I just like being around him,” Saban says. “I like the way he goes about his work. It’s fun to see him improve and take on new challenges. He’s just one of those favorite guys.”

Rather than accept defeat, Humphrey put on an Alabama jumpsuit and joined his alma mater in exiting the tunnel for the second half! In the end, he witnessed another National championship victory for the Crimson Tide, as they defeated the Georgia Bulldogs in an overtime thriller!

How did Jaguars coach Doug Marrone not challenge the spot on this LeSean McCoy first down?

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone had the best angle in all of EverBank Field for a LeSean McCoy run that appeared to be stopped short of the line to gain by linebacker Myles Jack.

Instead, the line judge gave the Buffalo Bills a generous spot that resulted in a first down.

Taylor was placed in concussion protocol after the hit.

What does this mean for the Bills? Taylor’s more than likely going to be done for the game after the hit. Peterman was put in over Taylor earlier in the season and threw five first-half picks against the Chargers and was quickly replaced with Taylor in the second half.

Peterman would eventually throw the game-sealing interception to Jalen Ramsey, sending the Jaguars to the Divisional Round to play the Steelers. At this point, the Bills’ only concern is making sure that Taylor is all right.

But he’s also been Rodgers’ most targeted and most productive receiver over the past two seasons, so is it a risk they can take? As for Cobb, he has been relatively disappointing since his breakout 2014 season, but he’s also a moveable chess piece type in an offense that lacks them (especially since Martellus Bennett skipped town). Adams’ combination of youth and production made him the obvious choice to keep in Green Bay. But they’re going to have to ask one (or both) of their veterans to restructure, and might ultimately have to make a decision on who is expendable.

OK, they weren’t actually celebrating, but fans still threw a parade to mark the ignominious occasion. There was a fair bit of debate as to whether people should attend, but ultimately, around 2,500 to 3,200 showed up in downtown Cleveland.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, though — fans were also there for a good cause, donating well over $17,000 to the local food bank.

The Browns Parade raised $17,157 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank, which equates to 68,628 meals, according to their website. With perishable food donations included, over 70,000 meals will be provided thanks to the Parade.

NFL playoffs: Picks, odds for Falcons vs. Rams wild-card game in L.A.

Defending NFC champs against biggest one-season turnaround in the NFL? Yes, please.

Phillips will set up his secondary to contain Julio Jones with varied coverage looks and make Ryan beat them with other guys. Meanwhile, McVay, as he usually does, will get Goff focused on the best matchups, working on the advantages for the inside, intermediate passing game with Gurley and rookie slot wideout Cooper Kupp.

Quinn has made sure his team has become physically and mentally tougher to respond to adversity. The Falcons were overlooked between the Cowboys, Seahawks and Packers in last year’s NFC playoffs, but it didn’t matter to them one bit. In that sense, they already are prepared to thrive as big underdogs.

With him, Schneider pushed to the and kicked him at least 30 times with steel-toed boots while begged for his life, according to court documents.Right behind Hooker is cornerback Marshon Lattimore at number three overall.Bortles spoke highly of the group now under the direction of Marrone, who was hired to run the offensive line after being the head coach of the Buffalo Bills the previous two seasons.

The Falcons are looking to get to their third conference championship game since 2012, while the Eagles are looking to get to their first since the Donovan McNabb era in 2008.

Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant hit four field goals in his team’s win last week, becoming the third kicker in league history to do so in a playoff game at age 40-or-older.

Philadelphia defensive end Brandon Graham led the team with 9 1/2 sacks in 2017. He had recorded more than six sacks just once in his first seven years in the NFL.

The Patriots went 13-3 and have homefield advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. It’s the 15th straight winning season for the Patriots, who have won at least 12 games an NFL record eight straight years.

Created in 2003 and named after late Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney, the Rooney Rule seeks to create more diversity in the NFL coaching ranks by requiring teams to interview minority candidates. There have been cases in the past where teams skirted the rule by interviewing people before settling on the coach they wanted all along, which can lead to fewer minorities getting a serious chance to get a head coaching job. Currently, only six of 32 NFL head coaches are African-American, and there is just one Latino head coach.patriots_019_eb686dcf5e2c16fc-180x180

Sammy Watkins was held in the end zone on crucial 4th down, but the refs missed it

The Atlanta Falcons came out on top over the Los Angeles Rams, but it wouldn’t come without a questionable no-call in a day of questionable officiating.

It appeared on a foutth and goal from the Falcons’ 5-yard line, that linebacker Deion Jones held Sammy Watkins. The Rams didn’t convert on the play, and would turn the ball over on downs with no call made:

That they can not simply do their jobs. This is a topic, especially with all that is being reported lately, that we would expect our political leaders to take a lead, but sadly, that will not happen. So while it saddens me to read it, thank you for publishing this, as the only way things will improve is by getting it out in the open and having people realize they can not stay silent.?
—Gary T., Monroe, Ga.

His mother bailed him out at 3 am. She wasn’t mad. She simply asked, “What’s next?” When he left Alabama he had been excoriated by Tide fans on Twitter and on the team message boards, and he had read every comment. “This kid can’t play in the SEC,” he says now, repeating the criticisms. “He’s selfish. He’s a crybaby. He’s not built for it. He’s a coward. He’s not good enough.” Kamara was barred from transferring to an SEC school, per Alabama stipulations, but he could have joined another conference and sat out a season. He didn’t want that. He needed to get back to the SEC. “Had something to prove,” he says.

Less than a week later Kamara was in Kansas, enrolling at Hutchinson Community College. That year he did nothing but go to class, then to practice, then back to his dorm room to play Call of Duty on PS4 all night. When teammates traveled to Wichita or Manhattan to party on weekends, Kamara never joined in. He knew where he wanted to go, and this was just a quick detour. He got the bull nose ring that year; he was slowly finding himself and growing comfortable with what he found.

The Falcons have stayed relatively healthy this season, their defense is fast, young and still improving, and the offense is oh-so-close on a weekly basis. I think they can make noise in January, if they can figure out a way to not let one get away at home against the Panthers on Sunday.

The Patriots would take the first down, and move into Titans territory, eventually scoring with a Chris Hogan touchdown reception from Tom Brady with 1:52 left in the first half.

It’s not the way the Titans were hoping to finish out the first half, after getting off to a relatively good start after leading the first quarter 7-0.

Depending on how the game goes, we might see this call come back to bite the Titans.giants_116