Takk McKinley sacked Jared Goff and danced like he was an actual falcon flapping his wings

Falcons pass rusher Takk McKinley did what he does best in the first quarter against the Rams and sacked Jared Goff.

Somebody yells out to Peters, “Let’s Go Marcus!” Peters then replies, “Shit, where we goingHome?”

Peters is always going to keep it real. After he got beat for two touchdowns against Washington, he was honest about his bad performance. But then when asked about a fumble he forced, he gave an all-time quote.

“That made my game from hella weak to weak, you feel me?” He added, “I’m not hella weak, I’m just weak this week. Next week I’ll get back on my shit though so yeah.”

Peters is fun, and it’s great we’re just at the beginning of his career.

It’s an alarming turn of events for a few reasons. The Seahawks have an injury or eight on defense. But here’s the main issue: A couple weeks ago my podcast co-host and bunraku omozukai (the book I’m reading with my 5-year-old includes a lot of material on Japanese puppetry) Andy Benoit wrote a piece highlighting the risk of inconsistency when your offense relies on Wilson’s improvisational, out-of-structure playmaking (yes, even when you bake that out-of-structure playmaking into your system, as teams like the Seahawks do).

He spent spring break of his senior year standing on the sideline at Tide practice, preparing himself for the fall. He uses his Sundays to watch film with coaches. Alabama staffers trade stories of walking into a dark Mal Moore Athletic Complex after hours to find one screen ablaze, Fitzpatrick pausing and rewinding.

“He’s the standard of the program,” says junior running back Damien Harris, a top NFL prospect who credits his success this year to his offseason of working out with Fitzpatrick. Teammates refer to Fitzpatrick as “Coach Saban’s son,” because he’s the only person whose performance reliably makes the famously stone-faced coach smile.

“I just like being around him,” Saban says. “I like the way he goes about his work. It’s fun to see him improve and take on new challenges. He’s just one of those favorite guys.”

Rather than accept defeat, Humphrey put on an Alabama jumpsuit and joined his alma mater in exiting the tunnel for the second half! In the end, he witnessed another National championship victory for the Crimson Tide, as they defeated the Georgia Bulldogs in an overtime thriller!

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