To this moment, it remains unfathomable, impossible to forget or ignore.

But first consider what a six-hour Super Bowl pregame show might appear as if the rotating network, in exchange for billions, didn’t feel compelled to kiss the NFL’s fanny, promote their own news and entertainment shows and stars, and hype a game that needed more hoo-hah like a club sandwich needs more lettuce.

Today’s Super Bowl marks another anniversary — the 29th — of the Bengals team that lost Super Bowl XXIII, 20-16, to the 49ers in January 1989. That game likely strikes those who remember it by what preceded it: A story of the most irreconcilably unrestrained individual madness in the championship game’s history.

Monday during Packers-Eagles, ESPN couldn’t say or note simply that the Packers have allowed a pile of points in their previous four games — 33, 31, 47, 42. Those points were, as TV-usual, all hung on the defense.

Thus, football things such as the Titans’ 12-yard touchdown drive after Green Bay fumbled, a Colts 99-yard kickoff return, then their 5-yard TD drive after an interception vs. the Packers were used as evidence of the Packers’ failing defense. Packers then won, 27-13.

Reader Keith Murray: “If Yoenis Cespedes turned doubles into singles in a contract year, what are the odds he’ll run to first now?” Actually, Cespedes now has a chance to hit a bouncer off the left-field wall, then be thrown out at first. Gary Cohen: “He’s got that troublesome quad.”

When the Knicks start firing up 3-pointers — 32 in their Saturday loss at Charlotte, another 32 in Wednesday’s two-point road win against 5-13 Minnesota; one-third of their field-goal attempts in both games — it brings back memories … of seventh-grade recess.

The Patriots will play the Dolphins on Sunday without their suspended star tight end Rob Gronkowski. What does it mean for the offenseBased on history, perhaps not much.

Sunday will mark the 26th game in which the Patriots have played without Gronkowski, who was hit with a one-game suspension for a violent late hit on Buffalo cornerback Tre’Davious White — and they’re 20-5 without him. They’re 9-0 without Gronk since the start of the 2016 season.

Mets’ 2018 ticket marketing campaign borrows from Ernie Banks, with Yoenis Cespedes shouting, “It’s a beautiful day, let’s play 36!”

Vaccaro, taken out of Texas as the first safety in the draft, at times has been a rare bright spot in a dismal Saints defense that has contributed to three straight 7-9 seasons. After posting a career-high 104 tackles in 2015, Vaccaro took a step back in 2016 and served a four-game PED suspension.

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