Colin Kaepernick collusion case: Teams saw free-agent QB as starter, report says

Multiple NFL teams believed in 2017 that Colin Kaepernick not only was good enough to be on their rosters but also could be their starter, Pro Football Talk reported, citing an unidentified source.

“The deeper question,” Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio writes, “becomes whether Kaepernick and his lawyers can prove coordination among the teams and/or through the league office in connection with the decision to steer clear of Kaepernick based on his role at the forefront of protests that occurred during the national anthem.”

Yes, only $2.275 billion. A full $225 million short of one prominent estimate of $2.5 billion.

On one hand, maybe someone else would have shown up and offered considerably more, now that sports gambling can happen in the 49 states other than Nevada. On the other hand, maybe the purchase price already reflected the likelihood that, one way or the other, gambling was coming.

Ultimately, and as we explained in December when dismissing the speculation about what the price will be, every asset is worth whatever someone will pay for it. When it comes to NFL teams, there’s an asterisk arising from the reality that the rest of the club will have to be willing to welcome the new owner in.

The kickoff has survived after much talk about its possible elimination. The changes approved Tuesday, made with substantial input by coaches, will help determine whether the play has a long-term future.

As to Brady, it’s unclear what it would take to make him happy and to get him to show up for OTAs. And if you hope to plug your fingers in your ears and cry “not listening” or simply shout “fake news!,” the truth is that Organized Team Activities have become the centerpiece of the offseason program, where important work gets done in advance of the work to be done in training camp. If Brady’s not there, he will be behind when he reports.ravens_084

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