Snow then addressed how to improve security without creating an environment of fear.

“You’re trying to persuade people to leave the safety and comfort of their own home, then drive to a building, pay to park, and subject themselves to some invasion of the privacy of their personal space to come in and watch your show. That is going to be a major concern going forward, as this tragedy will certainly leave its mark on the American psyche.”

TCU is on the board, folks! Turpin also just became the first player to have a passing touchdown, rushing touchdown, receiving touchdown, punt return for a touchdown and kickoff return for a touchdown in a season since Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey in 2015. This, kids, is how you get to skip the line at team breakfast in the morning.

“We’d looked at different things that were going on in the league and schemes and different philosophies and ideas—that’s the one we kept drawing back to, get the ball into somebody else’s hands quickly.”

His wife, Ann, his college sweetheart, had made him cut it. But he kept his signature mustache. It’s kind of a family tradition; his father and his grandfather both had one. He points out that Pakistani men typically wear mustaches, and maybe this is one way Khan stays connected to his roots, to his family, to his past. He started growing his in 1972, when he was 22, and he hasn’t gone without it since.

Improbably, it turns out that his polished and studied manner, which often played terribly in clubhouses—particularly opposing ones—has made him a star in the medium, with an approval rating he never approached on the diamond.

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