The two teams went into the fourth quarter knotted—at zero.

“That’s where we will stream the events on October 14th and 15th, but we have a lot of possibilities on the table for after that. We just finished a new, which is something we really haven’t fully explored. After these two shows, we’ll look at our options and do what we feel gives the fans the best value for their money while, at the same time, supporting our business model.”

Dunlap’s late pick-six allowed the Bengals to take the lead and let Mixon get a few extra carries in the final five minutes of the game, but he still finished with just 14 touches (11 carries and three catches) despite having 109 total yards with those touches.

After a field goal apiece, the score sat at 3-3. With 10 seconds remaining, the Giants had the ball on the Bills’ 23, and it was time to use their newly installed secret play.

Bailey hasn’t shown yet, though, and on the floor, these new Hoosiers are still getting their sea legs. Half the team lines up, a ball in each hand, under the basket on one side of the court. On the whistle, they arc one ball between their legs, then the other. It’s an endless loop that’s part ballhandling drill, part Harlem Globetrotters razzle-dazzle.

The league asserted that allowing Elliott to take the field did irreparable harm to the NFL, as it challenged the league’s ability to enforce the CBA and impacted competitive advantage. In its response, the NFLPA countered that it was in fact the NFL and its appointed arbitrator who were interfering with CBA procedures because of the way Elliott’s investigation was handled.

He might soon begin to see his opportunities dwindle, and he’s highly unlikely to be started again in as many as the 46.7 percent of ESPN leagues that he was on Sunday.

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