If the court sides with the NFL, then Elliott’s six-game suspension could be implemented right away.

And that was for the team that wasn’t in the anthem spotlight this week. Let’s get to the Steelers.

Last week, all but one player, former Army Ranger and starting tackle Alejandro Villanueva, stayed out of sight during the anthem last week in Chicago. On Sunday, 45 uniformed Steelers stood shoulder to shoulder in a perfect line, the only thing separating them a few coaches (who also stood at attention), including head coach Mike Tomlin. And after the Steelers’ convincing and uncharacteristic (for this rivalry) 26-9 pasting of the Ravens, the logical question was: Is it over?

Beisner is sensitive and touches the right notes, letting Schottenheimer and wife Pat tell the story; it’s the mark of a good reporter to know when to let the story tell itself, and Beisner is excellent in that role here.

An extended injury-induced absence saw Coleman’s ownership rightfully dip in most IDP leagues, but now that he’s back to his ball-hawking best as the center fielder for the Carolina defense, he’s among the best streaming safeties while facing the Falcons familiar offensive scheme. –McCormick

As we saw when they traded with the Bears this year, the Niners don’t need to believe in a franchise quarterback to pick up extra selections. They just need one other team to believe.

Things haven’t changed much, if only because the Browns are still comfortable favorites to finish ahead of the 49ers and end up with the first overall pick. They might have pursued Garoppolo this offseason, and might have come away with him had Cousins signed with the 49ers, but there are too many teams with far more appealing situations who would have likely pipped the Browns to their longtime crush.

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