Mason has a bit of a zombie fetish, having featured the ghouls on his Blue Jackets mask

After the introductions, the attention turned to just how long the relationship is going to last. The Niners sent a second-round pick to the Patriots for Garoppolo because they viewed him as a solution for the present and the future.

But Garoppolo is set to be a free agent after this season, and although the Niners have the franchise and transition tags at their disposal, neither side seems to be in a hurry to get a contract extension completed.

Mason has a bit of a zombie fetish, having featured the ghouls on his Blue Jackets mask (as the military walking dead) and having donned one in Philadelphia that featured his own teammates as the undead. This one imagines the Founding Fathers and Betsy Ross as zombies, returning from the grave to protest the commercialization of Independence Day (we assume).

I was ready to go to sleep,” Redick says. But now it was Brett Brown’s turn to sell, and dammit Philadelphia’s head coach was going to make the most of his opportunity in the wee hours of July 1. “All of a sudden he’s like, ‘Oh, hold on a second!’” Redick recalls. The silver-haired, longtime Spurs assistant wanted to hurl a half-court prayer. What better marketing tool to woo a free agent than a 7’2” center with generational, two-way talent? Brown summoned Joel Embiid onto the block of the Sixers’ sparkling practice court.

While the newcomer isn’t necessarily off to a rough start, as he’s scoring consistently and providing assists, steals and threes, Irving has yet to reach 25 points in a game. Expecting him to do so against a defensive-minded Spurs team seems misguided. Irving’s DFS price isn’t in the stratosphere, but there are considerably better values on this night at guard, including Kemba Walker and the scorching Evan Fournier.