The wrestling scene has welcomed back a familiar face in Teddy Hart.

The former prodigy, who is the nephew of Bret “The Hitman” Hart, wrestled his first match in a WWF ring at the age of 16 during a house show in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Hart’s two-plus decades in wrestling have seen him grapple with tragedy, success, and controversy, but wrestling remains a better place with a clear-minded Teddy Hart in the ring.

At one point, as Taylor rose from the turf, Schulte dug his knee between the linebacker’s face mask, seemingly in an attempt to break his nose. Taylor ended up with two sacks in the game and countless more hits on McClure, a disruptive performance that Giants owner Wellington Mara later called the best of Taylor’s career.

Cam can do the curmudgeon thing full-time if he wants, but from what I can tell that’s not him and if it was him he wouldn’t have these opportunities off the field.

He is an absolutely magnetic personality; I’ve only been in this industry for a decade-plus and I’ve only been around Cam for two days (for a TV show, at that), but I’ve never seen anyone else like him (Karl-Anthony Towns is the only one who comes close). If you put him in a room of 100 people, spread across demographics, and told him he had 20 minutes to make every one of them smile, he could do it with about 12 minutes to spare. That’s why it’s so jarring when he gets into these press conferences and goes positively turdular for—as far as most of us can tell—no good reason.

So, sure, Cam can go the Belichick route, but if he does he’s really got to go the Belichick route 24/7. (And, just a reminder: Belichick’s approach wasn’t charming until he started winning Super Bowl rings on a fairly consistent basis.)