“I’m just going to reflect on the season with all the boys and see what happens.”

One of the biggest questions coming out of Super Bowl 52 was what the Patriots were thinking by not playing Malcolm Butler. He did play, but it was just one special teams snap. This was a player who started all year long and suddenly on the biggest stage, he was a spectator.

Bill Belichick defended his decision after the game, but that didn’t stop people from talking about it. One of the more interesting names was Brandon Browner, a former Pro Bowl cornerback and two-time Super Bowl champ, one of which was as a member of the Patriots.

In another post, Browner posted in a caption, “A locker room was divided pre game, most yds ever given in up in a SB game, and your best defender over the past 3 seasons. Doesn’t get a snap. You [sic] where hurt/burnt where he was needed tonight.”

Also, “Players play and Coaches are supposed to Coach, Bill was out coached for not letting his players play.”

Each teams is only allowed a certain amount of Padded practice all yr. I watched Malcolm carry his pads and helmet out to practice everyday. So days we didn’t have to wear pads, lil bruh had to, it was a extra practice after practice everyday. I know first hand what kind of work he put in. He made the team from a workout, he wasn’t a draft pick or free agent signed on draft day. He got it out the mud. He said YES sir, when he answered you. Which I wouldn’t unless I felt u respected me. #strictlybusiness ??

Gronk accentuated the second score with a funky dance move followed by his trademark spike that sent the ball flying skyward at U.S. Bank Stadium. This simple celebration — later mocked by Eagles defensive end Derek Barnett after he recovered a Tom Brady fumble — is also one of the NFL’s most distinctive because of how it reflects Gronk’s raw power.

It’s understandable that Gronkowski wasn’t ready to either make or announce a retirement decision in the aftermath of something as emotionally draining as playing in a Super Bowl, let alone losing one.

“I’m not ready for these type of questions right now,” Gronk said. “I’m going to sit down, reflect on the season, talk to my teammates. We fought all year long. All the receivers, running backs, linemen … We’ve been all working together.bills_034